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It's harder than I thought.

I had planned to convert my little gas sipper to electric here in Slovakia, but the paperwork and legal nonsense is crazy.

I would need written permission from the original manufacturer to modify the vehicle, then apply in writing to the government.

No car maker has ever said yes to a converter who wants to tear their car apart and make it electric, so I have no chance.

Reasoning with government officials turned out to be fruitless because many of them are still stuck in the "Old world" way of Communist thinking.

I didn't know such bureaucracy was possible.

Stay tuned.
1st November, 2012
It's taken 6 long months but I've finally written the ebook, "Electric Vehicle Conversions Made Easy". Woohoo!
Aimed at first-time converters, I break down all the scary & confusing aspects of a complete conversion into plain English.
Please check it out at EVsecrets.com and grab yourself a copy - you won't regret it!
. The Ebook Has Landed!
. Bureaucracy in Slovakia knows no limits.
Gah! The red tape and bureaucracy in Slovakia is crippling!

It's technically impossible to convert a car to electricity in Slovakia due to the laws still in place from the days of Communism.
I've contacted the Slovak ministery of transport and begged them to simplify the rules for applying for an application to apply for permission to convert a car.

They said no, and used the "Safety" line. So now I'm stuck!